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There’s this really great YouTube channel that edits all of the jokes out of your favorite sitcoms.  It was also my idea first.  Of course, ideas mean nothing unless you do something with them so if you need me I’ll be pouting quietly in the corner.

Here’s the video…

And here’s the proof of my idea…

Friends no jokes

check that date stamp, mothaf*ckas!  I win.  But really, lose.


Emeli Sande is Running with the Ball

Do you guys know anything about pop singer, Emeli Sande?  I remember her showing up a few times during the London Olympics, which is fitting since she’s a UK native  – but otherwise, ya me neither.

It’s been a slow climb to the top, especially in the US, but her current single, “Next To Me” is everywhere right now.  And that’s no accident.  Let’s chart the evolution…

First, the single’s music video debuted last June…


Simple, thumping, feel-good pop.  Right?  Past forward nine months to this March when thing got a whole lot better.  Emeli remixed it with help from one of the biggest names in hip-hop today, Kendrick Lamar.


And showing no sign of slowing, next came an EP which features four unique club remixes…

Hang on, we’re still going.  Released just this week, the iTunes Sessions album, featuring – you guessed it – “Next To Me”

Emeli Sande iTunes Session

And then just eight hours ago, this popped up on her YouTube channel.  It’s called 1 Mic 1 Take (not sure if this is a ‘thing’ or just an excuse to post anther version of the song)

…and finally, it’s worth mentioning that the video includes an Emeli Sande banner ad.

Emeli Sande Next To Me 1 Mic 1 Take

Choose Your Own ‘Late Night’ Adventure

Here’s a clever, interactive backstage tour of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to get you through the rest of the work day.

First full day back from the long weekend hurts, don’t it?

VIDEO: Kids Are Down With Gotye

That’s Gotye.  Raise your hand if this is the first time you’ve seen his face OR if you read this title and asked yourself, “What’s Goit?”

A very unlikely hit song we have with Somebody That I Used To Know.

I’ve enjoy it a bit and moved on, but think we should probably settle in for a summer full of the song.  And then some time around 4th of July they’ll be a catchy dance remix that extends its lifespan through Labor Day.

Anyway, this video of two kids singing along to Gotye in the car is pretty great.  Hypnotic, almost.

Help Make This Old Broad’s Dream Come True

Josie Dimples will be 80-years-old on October 13th.  It’s been her dream (for at least the last two weeks) to amass 80,000 Twitter followers in time for the big day.  She ever made a video, in which she wipes down a kitchen table with a sponge, to entice you.  A Sponge!!  Josie, you cray!

You can find Josie on Twitter here

Just for the record, I will not be following Josie.  But you can.  Then let me know how annoying, or not annoying, it is.