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THIS is your Should-Be Song of Summer…

ELLA HENDERSON is a pop singer from the UK.  She was on The X Factor and came in somewhere around 6th place.  Her debut single, GHOST, hit UK radio back in June and debuted at #1.

Ella has recently been getting lots of American attention and had her US television debut on GMA this morning, but where was all the hype back in May, June or July when Iggy Azalea was running away with the SOS title?  

And if this doesn’t sound like a Simon Cowell produced pop track, I don’t know what does.  



X Factor: Sticking With It

If you’ve been watching The X Factor so far this season, you’re probably about pretty close to removing the series record from your DVR.  The audition and judges’ house rounds have been tedious, over-the-top produced, and repetitive to the point of condescension.  But whatever you do, don’t quit now.  Things, I think, are about to get great.

Whether you know it or not, Simon Cowell has you in the palm of his hand.  He knows that you’ve spent the last 4 or 5 weeks comparing his latest effort to the behemoth that he left behind.  He doesn’t care that his show is in many ways is a carbon copy of American Idol.  He also doesn’t care that less people are watching right now.  He doesn’t care because he knows that, in the end, his way is just better TV.

People will go back to Idol in January and scratch their heads, asking “where did all the excitement go?”

While the X Factor auditions have gone on for what feels like forever, it’s actually only been a bit over a month.  Not only that, we’re down to 17 acts and right into the live shows.  On Idol, that process takes twice the amount of time.  Point- X Factor.

And the acts here are talented.  Really talented.  And hella diverse.  All of a sudden the show is incredibly fresh again.  And they’re about to perform on a stage that will probably look and feel like one suited for the second coming of Christ.

They’ll perform newer, more appropriate songs, have massive star power in guest judges and mentors, and hopefully deliver some great performances along the way.

Whether it’s a front or not, the judges must appear to be invested in each of their contestants.  These acts are all now a reflection of that judge’s personal taste and talent-scouting ability.  Don’t mess it up now.

Nicole Scherzinger is hot.  Way hotter than Jennifer Lopez, in fact.

They immediately make all of the finalists look like megastars.  Forget the slow transformation to show the blossoming of a true entertainer.  We’ve come to be entertained and watch stars, not amateurs.  Simon is putting on a concert every week, not another timid audition.

So keep watching, or start watching, or start watching again.