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Characters of Times Square: It’s Time To Go Away


Did everybody get their photo with one of the 25 imitation Elmo’s in Times Square yet?  Cuz it’s high time that weird looking Batman, cross-eyed Mickey and the bizzaro cast of Sesame Street are ushered out through the Lincoln Tunnel to creep people out in some other city.

These characters are a nuisance for many millions of reasons.  Here are but a few…

New York City is not an Amusement Park…nor is it Hollywood Blvd…or a Nick Jr. program…

Tourists are great – seriously, come one! come all! – but this city isn’t a children’s party.  This is New York f***ing City:  the world capital of media, fashion and finance.  Plus, home to the most iconic locations from your favorite movies and TV shows and host to some of the world’s best art, music, architecture and crazy people on the subway.  WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT FROM US?!?  If you’re looking for furries – great.  No judgement, that’s your thing.  But please take your fetish to Disney World or a sex shop.

Don’t kill our vibe.

For better or worse, tourists in NYC spend most of their time in midtown.  And while most residents avoid the city’s midsection like one of those people holding a blue clipboard on the sidewalk, the neighborhood has great sights, activities and restaurants that work towards giving our city it’s great reputation.  But this swath of characters have cast a spray of colossal cheesiness onto a city that’s known around the world for it’s effortless cool.

They’re raping everybody out here.


Just short of pickpocketing, these characters are lying and bullying people for cash tips in exchange for photos…that YOU take yourself…with YOUR camera.  To combat sneakery, the NYPD has been distributing flyers to warn tourists that tipping is optional.

But not to be thwarted, the characters altered their stories by telling people that their tips are being donated to charity.

They’re not even good!

They don’t call it “the greatest city on Earth” for no reason.  So if you’re gonna parade around one of the busiest and most iconic public areas in the world, the LEAST you can do is put a little effort into it.  Case in point…

Dude, put the head on…


Last checked, Spiderman doesn’t wear a fanny pack.

Spiderman fanny pack


The Smith’s

Keeping with the kid theme today, here’s the video for Willow Smith’s “WHIP MY HAIR.” 

The daughter of Will & Jada Smith looks like she’s got just a touch of a spoiler, privileged attitude, but there’s no denying the video.

…though dumb, the song’s catchy too.

and not wasting any time, Sesame Street pulled out the first parody video.  Just me or is SS taking back their relevance again?

Sesame Street does Old Spice Guy

This one just missed the cut for 2 Best.

Sesame Street, Grover especially, never ceases to entertain me.  I am reminded of a not so well know children’s classic, GROVER SLEEPS OVER. 

Basically, Grover sleeps over somewhere.  He’s not so confortable with the idea at first, but then he comes around and ends up having a great time.  If I remember correctly, they eat some kind of Count Chocula cereal.  A real page turner.