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The 10 Best Jams of 2014

If we’re being honest with one another, 2014 wasn’t a killer year for music.  Sure, we had some good times – I’m looking at you, ‘Turn Down for What – but there was no ‘Hold On We’re Going Home’ to make us roll down the windows and go, “ahhhh yeahhhh.”  Though on the bright side, we were blessedly spared from a sequel to ‘Blurred Lines.’

But because unnecessary year-end lists must be made anyway, here are the 10 best most popular played songs of 2014, says me…

#10.  “i (Live on SNL)”, Kendrick Lamar

#9.  “Jealous (Gospel Version)”, Nick Jonas 

#8.  “Say You Love Me”, Jessie Ware

#7.  “On The Regular”, Shamir

#6.  “Old Thing Back (Matoma Remix)”, The Notorious BIG ft. Ja Rule


#5.  “Can’t Do Without You”, Caribou

#4.  “Stay With Me”, Sam Smith

#3.  “Ghost”, Ella Henderson

#2.  “Stay Together”, Madi Diaz

#1.  “Work Song”, Hozier

Very Honorable Mention:  “On A Tuesday”, ILOVEMAKONNEN ft. Drake





The 10 Best Songs of 2013, Says Me

Two-Thousand-Thirteen.  How bout it?  It was a year when many people listened to many different kinds of songs.  There were original songs.  And then some people made covers of those original songs.  Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of songs that no one decided to cover, or even sing, at all.  Who could keep track?

These are the 10 songs that were my favorite this year.  In very particular but unnecessary order, they are…

#10.  Sam Smith – “WHEN I WAS YOUR MAN” (cover)  

The Bruno Mars version is fine, but this Brit’s got more killer pipes…


#9.  Daft Punk – “GET LUCKY”  

Cuz, duh.

#8.  James Blake – “RETROGRADE”

This song fulfills the electronic/experimental/weird quota in my top 10.  Also, it’s great.


#7.  Justin Timberlake – “MIRRORS” (live on SNL)

The album version is just fine, but this one’s better.  And live-r


#6.  Avicii – “WAKE ME UP”

Avicii’s version is the one that got me into the gym most days this year, but we’re all sick of hearing it now.  This non-EDM cut gives the vocalist, Aloe Blacc, his proper props…


#5.  Kanye West – “BLOOD ON THE LEAVES”

This is my “All of the Lights” form Yeezus


#4.  HAIM – “THE WIRE”

It’s got that groove thing happening.


#3.  A$AP Rocky ft. Skrillex – “WILD FOR THE NIGHT”  

Just now noticing a real Hip-Hop and EDM trend forming on this list.


#2.  Drake – “HOLD ON WE’RE GOING HOME”  

It’s the song that I’m still not sick of hearing when I purposely select it on my phone every day for the last five months.


#1.  Kendrick Lamar – “BACKSEAT FREESTYLE”  

Yes – the song was technically released in 2012, but the music video debuted in January.  And I still didn’t know it existed until this summer, but that’s beside the point.  This is my list and I’ll do what I want.

Plus, you can’t beat this NSFW video thumbnail…

Emeli Sande is Running with the Ball

Do you guys know anything about pop singer, Emeli Sande?  I remember her showing up a few times during the London Olympics, which is fitting since she’s a UK native  – but otherwise, ya me neither.

It’s been a slow climb to the top, especially in the US, but her current single, “Next To Me” is everywhere right now.  And that’s no accident.  Let’s chart the evolution…

First, the single’s music video debuted last June…


Simple, thumping, feel-good pop.  Right?  Past forward nine months to this March when thing got a whole lot better.  Emeli remixed it with help from one of the biggest names in hip-hop today, Kendrick Lamar.


And showing no sign of slowing, next came an EP which features four unique club remixes…

Hang on, we’re still going.  Released just this week, the iTunes Sessions album, featuring – you guessed it – “Next To Me”

Emeli Sande iTunes Session

And then just eight hours ago, this popped up on her YouTube channel.  It’s called 1 Mic 1 Take (not sure if this is a ‘thing’ or just an excuse to post anther version of the song)

…and finally, it’s worth mentioning that the video includes an Emeli Sande banner ad.

Emeli Sande Next To Me 1 Mic 1 Take