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Grandma’s Potato Salad

UPDATE:  Upon reviewing this post, Grandma would like it known that she forgot to wear her apron during the making of this particular batch of potato salad.

Everybody’s somebody makes the best _____ you’re ever tasted.  And such is the case with my Grandmother’s potato salad.  She’s been making it since I could say the word mayonnaise and it’s so good that I can’t even feign respect for others’ attempts.

Grandma Potato Salad

Grandma swears that there’s no secret behind the recipe, but nobody believes that.  Magic doesn’t just happen.

So one day I invited myself to stand over her shoulder in the kitchen, take detailed notes and ask entirely too many questions about potatoes to find out what makes it so great.

Now, behold the recipe behind this starchy masterpiece…


  • 5 lb. bag white potatoes
  • salt
  • 8 or 9 hard boiled eggs
  • 2 full celery hearts + leaves – peeled and chopped
  • 2 cups mayo
  • 1/2 tsp yellow mustard
  • paprika

Grandma Potato Salad 2Grandma Potato Salad 3 Grandma Potato Salad 4 Grandma Potato Salad 5


1.  Submerge the eggs in cold water and bring to a boil for 20-25 minutes.  Then immediately shock with cold water.

2.  Submerge the potatoes (skins on) in salted cold water.  Bring to a boil then lower heat to slower rolling boil.

3.  Cook until potatoes can be easily poked through with a knife.  (Begin start checking around 12 minutes.  25 minutes max)

4.  Remove potatoes from water and set aside til they’re cool to the touch.

5.  Peel potatoes with a knife, removing any black spots or imperfections…because there’s no excuse for potato salad to be anything less than perfect.

6.  Cut potatoes into chunks, seasoning liberally with salt and a little pepper as you go.

7.  Peel and dice the eggs.  Slowly incorporate into potatoes.

8.  Ditto for the celery.

9.  Whip mayo and mustard together with spoon.  Then slowly fold in potato/egg mixture.  But be careful not to break the potatoes for Christ’s sake!!

10.  Transfer the mixture to Grandma’s potato salad bowl and sprinkle with paprika.

Cover and refrigerate for a couple hours.  Then you’ll be as happy as this lady…

Grandma Potato Salad Finish


DO THIS: Call Grandma

I like to call Grandma while I’m out, just making errands around the city.  She always tells me that it makes her feel like she’s there with me.  I’d never call from the gym, or during the workday, but there’s something about when I call from the grocery store that really gives her a charge.

For most people, the last time you’d want to speak with them is in the middle of the bland stuff that we all trudge through.  The person on the other end of that cell phone isn’t really listening to anything.  Too busy returning a sweater or remembering an ATM code.  But not Grandma.  She enjoys my boring inner monologue.

Where do they keep the eggs in this place?  Honey roasted or plain?  I wish Cheez-It’s weren’t so bad for you.

I suppose it’s as good as bonding can get, really.  For the people we see least often, we spend most of our little time with them constantly ‘catching up’.  How’s work?  What did you do on your vacation?  But the stuff that actually makes us know them gets lost.

My grandson has an unhealthy addiction to Cheez-It’s.  THAT is knowing someone.

Call your grandparents from the laundromat.  Ikea.  Or the line at Shake Shack.  Everybody wins.