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There’s this really great YouTube channel that edits all of the jokes out of your favorite sitcoms.  It was also my idea first.  Of course, ideas mean nothing unless you do something with them so if you need me I’ll be pouting quietly in the corner.

Here’s the video…

And here’s the proof of my idea…

Friends no jokes

check that date stamp, mothaf*ckas!  I win.  But really, lose.


TRAILER: Hungover Abroad

Check out the full trailer for the perfectly titled, THE HANGOVER:  PART 2.  Why so perfectly titled you ask?  Watch.

Now that we’re all on the same page, some observations:

-The Hangover Part 2 will unapologetically be exactly like Part 1.  That’s cool.  I’d see this movie even if they turned it into a black and white period drama that took place entirely through pantomime.  But could they have at least acknowledged the carbon copy plot?  Take Home Alone 2, for example.  A simple \”We did it again!\” would have easily done the trick here.

-Thanks jebus for Zach Galifianakis.  “The population in Thighland is 63 million people” Genius.

-How does Justin Bartha escape being hungover again?  Looks like he spends most of the movie cozy in a hotel room, making frantic phones calls and saying things like “Where the hell are you guys?” and “You’re gonna be late for the ceremony!”

Congrats to that girl from Real World San Diego for getting cast in one of the biggest movies of the year.

-Not since Ross’ companion on Friends have I been this excited to see a monkey on screen.

UPDATE:  I just re-watched the trailer and there IS a line where Ed Helms says “I can’t believe this is happening again”, but I love the HA2 reference too much to take it out.  But touche.