Idol: Top 11, The Redux

The top 11 were back last night with Elton John songs and is it really possible that Haley (can’t remember last name) was my favorite?

For the most part, everyone that’s left has legit talent.  If they were competing on shows of their own musical genres, they’d all be frontrunners.  Jacob would rule the school on Gospel Idol.  Scotty would wear the biggest cowboy hat on Country Star.  Thia would dominate on Nice Voice/No Personality.

If you like Idol and free music and breaking the law, here’s a LINK to download the full studio tracks from last night.

Quick breakdown of each contestant after the JUMP

Scotty-congrats on finding a Country Grandma song.  You sang it very well.  You were also pretty boring.  And I think the judges may have missed the pitchiness.

Naima-  before a note was sang, she lost me with the phony rhasta accent.  “ya mon”  She’s probably been the largest disappointment because she really does have a voice, but it’s always buried in performance.

Paul- just like that flowery suit, you’re back this week.  Great song choice.  Sang very well.  But also not especially memorable.

Pia- ‘Don’t Let the Sun Go Down’ may hold the record for being the most sung song on Idol.  This performance definitely lands at the top of the pack.  You know the producers have faith when they send out the backing gospel choir.  She’s pretty flawless.

Stefano- very quickly went from being mediocre, to my favorite, then back to mediocre.  After being in the bottom last week and choosing one of the most recognizable songs this week he’ll probably live to sing another week, but homeboy better step it up or it’s a top 8 or 9 finish rather then 4 or 5.

Lauren- I want to like you much more than I do.  Based on singing alone, you could win this thing with your eyes closed.  But the immaturity may hurt your chances.  But the country spin on ‘Candle in the Wind’ was pretty brilliant.

James- singing in the crowd, strutting down the stairs, split-jump, dancing on a piano, more crowd dancing, piano on fire, singing on the floor, throwing the mic stand.  I’m gonna take a pass on all of this.

Thia- excellent song choice with ‘Daniel.’  That’s about all there is to say here.  Oh, and sung very well.

Casey- welcome back.  really appreciate how he mixes it up every week.  some cringe moments, but otherwise solid.

Jacob- yep, he can sing very well.  If I were Tyler Perry and I needed a dramatic song for my next movie trailer, I’d absolutely hire Jacob.

Haley- Ok, Ok.  If you can get passed the awkward and constant waving of one arm in the air, this was the performance of the night.  I was even a fan of the way too long ‘b-b-b-benny and the jetsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.’


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